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Who we are

Our Vision

To be the leading infrastructure delivery partner of choice in the public and private sector in Africa.

Our Mission

To service our client with excellence through the application of our highly technical standard.

Our Values

Teamwork, Professionalism and Integrity.

Our story

Company Overview

Mafahleni Engineers and Project Managers was founded by Mr Trevor Zuma many years ago, the company provides engineering and consultancy services within the built environment to the public and private sectors. The company offers multidisciplinary services including structural, municipal, civil, project and programme management, traffic, and transport engineering, and building services.

Mafahleni has a solid record of accomplishment in the built environment and has adopted hands on approach whilst adding value to our clients in contributing to infrastructure development within the country. The intention is to contribute towards transformation, reconstruction, poverty eradication and employment creation within the country through innovative labour use without compromising quality.

With a head office in Durban and satellite offices in Port-Shepstone, Gauteng, and Mpumalanga the company is strategically located in areas that receive public and private sector investment and infrastructure development and upgrading. With a staff compliment of more than 10 experienced professional and diverse skills in the built environment, Mafahleni is committed to providing its client with innovative project and infrastructure delivery solutions of the highest quality within cost and timeously.

Our Compliance

We are fully registered with these institutions.

Other Engagements

Mafahleni Engineers and Project Managers is also involved in socio economic development programmes such as dress a child to school, World Aids Day campaigns and Community Outreach, with the aim of giving back to the community while assisting the government in fighting poverty in our country.

Approach to service delivery


  • Project identification and formulation
    Establishment client requirement and preferences, assess client needs and options, appoint necessary consultants and establish the project brief including project objectives, priorities, constraints, assumptions aspiration and strategies
  • Feasibility and Planning Studies
    Prepare and finalize the project concept in accordance with brief, including project scope, scale, character, form, and function plus preliminary programme and viability of the projects.
  • Conceptual, specification and detail design
    Develop the approve concept to finalize the design, outline specifications, cost plan, financial viability and programme of the project.
  • Procurement and cost-control
    Prepare procurement and construction documentation, confirm, and implement the procurement strategies and procedures for effective and timeous procurement of necessary resources for execution for the project
  • Construction supervision and management
    Manage administer, and monitor the construction contracts and processes including preparation and co-ordination of procedures and documentation to facilitate practical completion the work.
  • Commissioning and support services
    Ensure that all work is correctly operated and maintained by carrying out, tests or inspection, scrutinize report on the quality of services and advice on, and supervising the rectification of defects and ensure adequate spares and materials are purchased timeously.
  • Technical Assistance for client and contractors
    Assist clients by providing technical support. Investigate new ideas and technology and advise the client appropriate. Provide technical assistance and advices to the contractor to meet client’s requirements

Transformation Plan

Having a diverse workforce strengthens our organization by broadening our insights into many communities. Mafahleni Engineers and Project Managers is committed to transformation and recognizes that transformation is not about numbers but about meaningful development of our people.

Having a diverse workforce, strengthens our organization by broadening over insights into many committees and generating brand awareness and trust. It also encourages a collaborate culture, another strategic imperative for us. 

    Training and development of all employees at Mafahleni Engineers and Project Managers is an important part of our Human Capital Strategy which seeks to provide equal developmental opportunities whilst maximizing productivity.

    To ensure sustainability of the Engineering firm, Mafahleni Engineers and Project Managers have developed Bursary Policy to cater for students whom are studying towards postgraduate scholarship to be trained as civil engineers at the registered institution. The students to be assisted are from historically disadvantaged communities.
    Mafahleni Engineers and Management Project commits to supporting the development and participation of businesses owned by people from designated groups, including black people, women of all races, youth and people with disabilities.

    We provide reasonable support to small businesses through skills transfer and information sharing.1% of our net profit after tax will be allocated to assist small suppliers that are still struggling with resources.


    We are committed at having a staff compliment that reflects the diversity of our nation while offering our clients a rewarding experience of our professional services. We achieve this through sourcing and nurturing the best talent and skills to complement our work environment.

    Our focus is on recruiting black talent and advancing our current black professionals through skills development and mentorship programmes.

    We believe that Employment Equity is not about improving numerical representation rather real equal representation of all races and gender and implementing affirmative action measures. We shall ensure full compliance with Employment Equity Act 55 of 1998, ultimately its Employment Equity plan targets in all recruitment processes. 
    Mafahleni Engineers and Project Managers recognizes that it has a corporate social responsibility to its stake holders and South African citizen at large. We continue to play significant role in Skills Development and training through graduate programme which introduces young people to the real world of work, we provide mentorship and training.
    For the past 5 years, Mafahleni Engineers and Project Managers has been partnering with the Dept of Transport KwaZulu Natal on youth Development programme, the programme proved to be a great success in tackling unemployment and poverty.

    We commit to assist 75% black owned beneficiaries e.g. churches and creches